You now have a choice of registrars for your Colored Angora Goats!  ICAGR services became available as of  February 2016 and in less than 2 years, 52 breeders used ICAGR registration and transfer services.

goat2ICAGR is a non-profit organization formed by CAGBA members.

Dear ICAGR client,
Thank you for selecting ICAGR for your colored Angora goat registrations. We hope we enjoy a long and rewarding relationship for years to come.
We want to announce that ICAGR will use Associated Registry for our registration services effective November 1, 2017.
Forms to register your Colored Angora Goats are now available at the link above.  Registration services can be paid via check or PayPal.  If you do have questions or concerns please call me or any board member.
Eric Lovig
ICAGR President

Registration papers provide 5 generation pedigree data, historic data and will be issued at greatly reduced fees over the current CAGBA registrar.

Here are some details:

  1. Regular transaction fees will be $4.50; considerably less than the cost of CAGBA.
  2. Inspection costs will be $9 per animal.
  3. There are no member fees to belong to ICAGR and no increase in fees if you are NOT a CAGBA member.
  4. Online registrations and PayPal options will be available shortly.
  5. CAGBA breed standards & inspection processes will be accepted by ICAGR.
  6. Registration papers from CAGBA, ACAGR, AAGBA (USA) & CLRC (Canada) will be honored allowing offspring to be automatically registered under ICAGR at the reduced rates

Other ancillary services may be provided in the future based on the needs and requests of ICAGR customers.

 The ICAGR Facebook page provides information about services.

If you are interested in volunteering for the ICAGR  Board or have questions about ICAGR or the registration process, please contact ICAGR.