Q & A

QUESTION:        Why are there two registries for Colored Angora Goats?

ANSWER:           ICAGR provides professional colored Angora goat registration services at an affordable cost with no membership requirement.

ICAGR was created when the CAGBA board elected to move to a small, private for profit registrar, with little experience, against the wishes of the membership.  Fees were significantly increased for those services.

Many breeders wanted to chose their registry provider and not be required by CAGBA to pay twice the cost and switch registrars to a less experienced company.

ICAGR allows colored Angora goat owners an alternative.

ICAGR collects NO membership fees.  The cost professional registration services is only $4 per goat.

ICAGR accepts ICAGR, CAGBA, ACAGR, AAGBA (white registry in USA) and CLRC (white registry in Canada) papers for registration.


QUESTION:         Is ICAGR an Association like CAGBA?

ANSWER:           No, ICAGR is a registry and CAGBA is an association.  ICAGR collects no membership fees.


QUESTION:        Will ICAGR papers be accepted at colored Angora goat shows?

ANSWER:           Many shows do not require registration papers.  Check your show rules.  If registration papers are required, ask the show to include ICAGR.


QUESTION:        How do I register my goats online?

ANSWER:           Associated Registry is the registrar for ICAGR as of 11/1/2017.  Procedures for the new registry are almost completed.  Details will be provided here as soon as the transition is finalized.


QUESTION:        How do I register ACAGR goats? 

ANSWER:           It is not necessary to transfer goats currently registered goats to ICAGR.  Offspring of CAGBA, ACAGR, AAGBA or CLRC registered parents are registerable by birth with ICAGR.  Submit the registration application for offspring with copies of the registration papers for the parents and registration papers will be issued.

Registration fees are $4 per animal.

Newly purchased Colored Angora goats with CAGBA or ACAGR papers can be transferred to ICAGR for $4 if desired (but not necessary).